Magic of Mesquite

Mesquite Tree

The mesquite tree is native to the Texas landscape. Back in the old days, cowboys used its branches to build crackling campfires out on the plains. That’s how the magic of the mesquite tree was discovered. The sweet pungent aroma that emanated from the spindly limbs imparted a distinct and wonderful flavor to meat cooked over its fire. Today, we’re still using mesquite embers to smoke all of our fine meats in order to capture the legendary, mild-smoked flavor that is true to Texas!

At Ranch House Meat Company, we know that authentic smoked meats and barbecue are not fast food. Our meats are meticulously slow-smoked over the most aromatic mesquite embers to capture the flavor of the wood. During this process, billowing clouds of smoke slowly and naturally tenderize the meat while penetrating each cut with its unmistakable full-bodied flavor.